May 7, 2015

4-H: Pigs, Goats and Steers!

Raising and showing livestock is a big part of 4-H programs in the Klamath Basin. Here are some paintings representing that.  These paintings will be at the Favell Museum show that opens May 29 and runs through July 31.

"Judging the Goats", 12x24, oil on panel by Vicki Shuck

"Jesse Shows His Hog", 11x14, oil on panel by Vicki Shuck

"Ashlyn and Olaf", 8.5x6.5, oil on panel by Vicki Shuck

"Logan and Smith", 8.5x6.5, oil on panel by Vicki Shuck

"Kate and Clyde", 8x10, oil on panel by Vicki Shuck

March 21, 2015

"Nellie's Pony Rides" by Vicki Shuck

12"x12", Oil on Panel
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Nellie takes her ponies to a number of fairs and events in Oregon and California each year. On this trip, she giving rides to excited little kids at The Pumpkin Patch near Terrebonne, OR.

March 18, 2015

"Culling Horseradish" by Vicki Shuck

12"x8", Oil on Panel
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At The Organic Horseradish Company in Tule Lake, CA, horseradish root is unloaded from a truck.  This worker is one of many sorting and trimming it on its way to eventually be processed into organic food products. Owned by Jacqui and David Krizo, this company farms land homesteaded by Jacqui's father who first grew horseradish there in 1952. See their website to buy their organic horseradish and horseradish mustard along with recipes to use it in.