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"Rachel, Butchering Day", 20"x10", Oil on Panel

"Janie, Heart-to-Heart Quilters" Merrill Oregon, 18"x18", Oil on Panel
"Jesse, Horseradish Farm Foreman", 10"x8", Oil on Panel

"Jesse, the Man and his Machine", farm foreman, 14"x11", Linoleum Block Print

"Trimming Horseradish", 24"x36", Oil on Canvas

"Rachel, After Work", 8"x6", Oil on Panel


"Field of Dreams", 4"x10.5", Oil on Panel (sold)
"Bottling the Juice, Columbia Gorge Organics", 12"x12", Oil on Panel

"Nothing Wasted--Composting What's Left", Columbia Gorge Organics, 8"x8"
Oil on Panel

"Thinning Pears, Lage Orchards", 16"x20", Oil on Panel (sold)

"Today, We're Sorting Pears", 8"x24", Oil on Panel (sold)

"Have a Taste!", Cody Orchards, 12"x18", Oil on Panel

"At Rasmussen's Pumpkin Patch", 6"x6", Oil on Panel

"Getting Ready for Halloween", Rasmussen's Pumpkin Patch, 6"x12", Oil on Panel

 "Marcia, the Pie-Lady at Apple Valley Store", 9"x12", Oil on Panel (sold)

"Wrapping and Packing", Wells Bros. Orchards, 16"x12", Oil on Panel 

 "Picking Apples Today, Wells Bros. Orchards", 11"x14", OIl on Panel

"Lavender Harvester", 6"x6", Oil on Panel

 "Harvest Day at the Lavender Farm", 12"x12", Oil on Panel

"Saturday at Cascade Alpaca & Foothills Yarn Shop", 12"x12", Oil on Panel (sold)


"Mary and Her Cat", 16"x16", Oil on Panel (sold)

 "At the Otley Ranch", 12"x8", Oil on Panel (sold)

 "Compadres", 8"x8", Oil on Panel (sold)

"Learnin' the Ropes", 12"x16", Oil on Panel (sold)

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