February 14, 2012

"Near Merrill, Long View" by Janice Druian

This painting by Janice is the setting where much of the horseradish is grown that was trimmed by the people in the previous post, below.  It is near Newell, CA, just over the Oregon border.  The big rock on the left is known to locals as "The Peninsula" as this ground used to be under water.  It was part of the land that was homesteaded after it was reclaimed and has been an incredibly rich place to farm.  FYI, the large rock on the right, along with the peninsula is the site of many ancient petroglyphs.  Another note about the place is that behind the peninsula, there was a Japanese Internment Camp during WWII.  My (Vicki's) dad tells stories of how he and his brother used to play with the children in the camp--he and his brother on one side of the fence, and the Japanese -American children on the other.

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