February 8, 2012

"Trimming Horseradish" by Vicki Shuck

24"x36", Oil on Canvas
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The first of the paintings I did for this project is of a group of people trimming horseradish root at a farmer's shed in Tule Lake, CA, which is about 6 miles south of the Oregon border.  Dave and Jacquie Krizo (on the far right in the painting) are the son and daughter of two families who homesteaded in the lower Klamath Basin after WWII.  They have spent their lifetimes working the same land, currently raising horseradish and organic grain.  Since the turn of this new century, the availability of water and who should get it has been a huge and divisive issue in the Klamath Basin.  Jacquie has been particularly active in presenting the side of the people who need it to irrigate crops.  She established a website where you can see "before and after" photos of the land and find out more about it:  www.klamathbasincrisis.org

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